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Large Tricuspid Valve Myxoma in an Asymptomatic Patient with Uterine Myoma: An Uncommon Case


Tricuspid valve myxomas are very uncommon tumors that could be found after the occurrence of pulmonary thromboembolism, symptomatic tricuspid obstruction, and right-sided heart failure.  Herein, we describe a 42-year-old woman evaluated for an abdominal mass. In preoperative consultation, a tricuspid valve mass was detected in echocardiography. She underwent the removal of a benign uterine myoma and a myxoma of the tricuspid valve. Tricuspid valve myxomas constitute a scarce diagnosis. They could be asymptomatic, occurring in unusual locations and in association with benign tumors in other organs. Our patient was asymptomatic, underscoring the significance of the early diagnosis of this type of tumor to prevent further catastrophic events.

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