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Longitudinal Stent Deformation in Undeployed Stents: A Case Series


Longitudinal stent deformation (LSD) is a recently reported problem with newer generation stents. The modification of stent materials and designs to make them more deliverable and conformable, as well as a focused approach in retaining their radial strength, has compromised longitudinal strength in currently available stents. Additionally, enhanced stent radiopacity, improved fluoroscopy, and heightened awareness have led to an increased incidence rate of the potentially under-recognized problem of LSD. Although originally described in deployed stents, LSD is being recognized in undeployed stents too. With available data to suggest an increased rate of adverse cardiac events like stent thrombosis and in-stent restenosis with LSD in deployed stents, an attempt to retrieve an undeployed deformed stent appears justified. We report 3 cases of LSD in undeployed stents and discuss its recognition. We also discuss the retrieval and visual inspection of retrieved stents and the simultaneous completion of coronary interventions via a double guide technique.

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