Transesophageal Echocardiographic Characteristics of Secundum-Type Atrial-Septal Defect in Adult Patients


Background: Given the dearth of data in the existing literature on the size and morphologic variability of secundum-type atrial-septal defect (ASD-II) in adult patients, we aimed to address this issue in a series of consecutive adult patients evaluated by transesophageal echocardiography (TEE).

Methods: A total of 50 patients (68.0% female) with isolated ASD-II underwent TEE for the evaluation of the defect. The morphological characteristics of the defect were evaluated, and the largest defect size was measured. The ASD rim was divided into 6 sectors: the superior-anterior, superior-posterior, superior, inferior-anterior, inferior-posterior, and inferior. The minimal length of the defect rims was determined.

Results: Mean age at the time of evaluation was 33.62±14.48 years. Mean defect diameter in the all the study patients was 20.80±8.17 mm. Thirteen morphological variations were detected. Deficiency of one rim was detected in 14 (28%) patients, two in 16 (32%), three in 2 (4%), and four in 2 (4%). Deficiency of the superior anterior rim was found in 24% of the patients as the most frequent morphology. There was a significant correlation between the defect size and number of deficient rims (γ=0.558, P-value<0.001). Forty-eight (96%) patients emerged for defect closure: 22 (46.2%) suitable for percutaneous closure and 26 (53.8%) for surgical closure. Two patients with small defects were recommended for medical treatment and follow-up.  

Conclusion: ASD-II is larger and more morphologically variable in adults than in children. Based on the findings of the present and previous studies and given the advantages of percutaneous treatment, it is advisable to make a decision on ASD-II closure as soon as possible before it outgrows the transcatheter closure suitability criteria.

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